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Top 10 Cheapest Granite in 2022

New kitchen countertops are frequently the focal point of the room, new countertops can have a particularly noticeable presence. Given that the modern kitchen is designed not only for cooking but also for socializing and eating, it is essential to have a kitchen countertop that you are proud to display.

While all of this is true, there are times when your budget may prevent you from purchasing the desired countertop. There is no need to be concerned if this is the case. While you won't be able to afford gemstone countertops on a tight budget, there are plenty of fantastic alternatives. For Under $45 per SF. This list is in no particular order

New Caledonia

Photo by Discover Granite

The different crystals and minerals spread throughout New Caledonia's stone give it a homogeneous appearance. New Caledonia will look from a distance to be made up of areas of black and white and hues of gray ranging from light gray to deep charcoal. However, if you look closely, you'll see that there are varying tones of brown and shimmering crystals all over. The white backdrop of this granite is virtually concealed by the flecking throughout the stone.

Granite from New Caledonia is a versatile material that looks fantastic in both modern and traditional bathrooms and kitchens. The bedrock and the brown minerals are highlighted when coupled with dark wood cabinetry. On the other hand, the charcoal flecking in the granite pops out when paired with light cabinets.

New Venetian Gold

Photo by Great Rock

The New Venetian Gold Granite is a creamy, light honey-colored stone with amber, white, and black flecks. This Brazilian natural stone can be used for any countertop implementation.

The implementation will bring out different highlights in the stone; for example, paired with darker cabinets, the lighter, creamy countertops will provide a nice contrast.

When New Venetian Gold is combined with a lighter cabinet, the two colors are naturally complementary and create an elegant look. This granite does not have to be limited to countertops; when installed as a backsplash, New Venetian Gold has a stunning effect.

Santa Cecilia

Photo by

Santa Cecilia granite is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops in many homes. This is also a good option if you want a granite backsplash or stone tiled floors. Because this granite is a dense stone, it can be used both inside and outside, especially in areas where more delicate types of stone may not withstand the elements.

This granite is an excellent choice for a beautiful, long-lasting fireplace surround, outdoor kitchen countertops, or even a barbecue pit surround. Santa Cecilia is so dense and hard that it will withstand years of use in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor applications.

Note: Santa Cecilia Slabs vary in price from $35-70 per SF

Steel Gray

Photo by MSI

Steel Gray Granite is a medium variation stone with shades of gray, black, browns, and blues throughout, as well as flecks of lighter grays. The patterning has a wavy appearance due to the low variation. This stone is quarried in India, and the color and movement are very consistent from granite to granite.

Steel Gray Granite is a long-lasting stone that works well for both interior and exterior projects in commercial and residential settings such as but are not limited to Countertops, bar tops, flooring, pool areas, and outdoor kitchens are a few instances. It will look great with many popular cabinet colors on the market, such as white, off-white, grays, and browns.


Photo by Thomas Buckborough & Associates

UbaTuba, also known as UbaTuba, is mined near UbaTuba in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. This lovely and affordable granite color has a dark green background with consistent gold, green, and brown flecks scattered across the slab. Because of its affordability, beauty, and durability, UbaTuba is one of the most popular granite countertops on the market.

Combine UbaTuba with dark cabinets in traditional kitchens. The countertop can be combined with white cabinetry to create a modern look. The different colors found in a slab of UbaTuba create a sophisticated yet simple look that complements any home. UbaTuba granite countertops are among the most affordable on the market. Depending on your location and market, you can expect to pay around $30 per square foot installed.

Azul Platino

Photo by Countertops HQ

Azul Platino is a stunning and reasonably priced granite that is mined close to Vigo, Spain. Many centuries have passed since this granite was first used. Small bluish-gray flecks dot the off-white background of this granite. On top of that, the slab is covered in black blotches. A slab of Azul Platino may also have veining that is black or white. Azul Platino is a great option for kitchen islands and other large-sized countertop applications because its slab sizes are often huge.

Azul Platino offers a neutral backdrop for modern bathrooms and kitchens. When the granite is closely examined, brown, green, and pink specks may be visible. There are also amethyst quartz crystals present, which can produce beautiful violet flecks all over the slab. The typical cost of Azul

Dallas White

Photo By Santa | Contracting Corp

Brazil's Dallas White granite is a fairly priced white granite. This granite is a great option for bathrooms and kitchens because of its low porosity and minimal water absorption. The stone gives a neutral granite for your home with a white background and dark crystals dispersed throughout. Dallas White countertops may have very minor veining all over them.

The steady flecking of Dallas White looks stunning in conventional kitchens. The granite's brown veins, lavender specks, and golden cream hues harmoniously combine to form a countertop that is reminiscent of an abstract painting. Dallas White's blue and gray striations that run the length of the slab go well with white cabinets. Dallas White can also be used with cabinets made of dark wood, such as dark walnut.

Valle Nevado

Photo By Surfaces by Pacific

One of the most well-liked and affordable granite colors in the world is called Valle Nevado Granite, which is mined in Brazil. This white granite has a white background with gray and black flecks scattered throughout. This granite is popular among homeowners because of its ability to complement a variety of design styles.

This lighter-colored granite has a consistent grain structure throughout the slab. Valle Nevado's overall gray tone creates the ideal backdrop in homes across America. The low shading variation creates elegant countertops and pairs wonderfully with white or black cabinetry.

Tan Brown

Photo By Northern Marble & Granite Co.

Tan Brown Granite With beige, red, and occasionally blue speckles, this well-liked dark brown granite has highlights. Although there may be some variation in the percentage of quartz in each slab, this stone is generally a highly homogeneous choice for any kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Luna Pearl

Photo By MSI

Spanish granite Luna Pearl is a delicate, complicated pattern in shades of gray and white. For both commercial and residential projects, including outdoor landscaping and flooring in regions with cold conditions, Luna Pearl is offered in polished slab form. Granite can be used for backsplashes, walls, countertops, and other interior design elements.

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