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  • What are the downsides of granite countertops?
    The downsides of having granite countertops is that it needs to be sealed and maintained over a number of years in order to keep that brand new look, Granite is a very porous material meaning if any oils, juice, wine and even heat will stain if not sealed properly and will also lead to bacteria build up. And can be a very common thing that homeowners across America tend to forget to do as its a small task that needs to be taken care of once a year. (not very high on the to-do list.). It's also a heavy material to work with as well due to it being a natural material.
  • Which is better quartz or granite?
    Well that depends Short Answer is Quartz is more durable, but pricey and can't handle heat as well as granite (withstanding up to 150° before taking damage) but won't need to be sealed. Granite however can withstand more heat (but not recommended), is more budget friendly but needs to be sealed once a year and is slightly less durable then quartz. Long answer is in our blog if your looking for a more in depth analysis between quartz and granite. Here's the link:
  • What are the cheapest granite colors?
    Black, Gray & Brown granite colors are usually the cheapest options as they are the most common colors on the market. Here are some of the cheapest options: New Caledonia New Venetian Gold Santa Cecilia Steel Gray Ubatuba Azul Platino Dallas White Valle Nevado Tan Brown Luna Pearl
  • What is the standard thickness of granite?
    The industry standard is 3cm or 1 and 1/4 inch thickness for granite, and 3/8 inches for granite tiles. However if a thicker slab is required it is possible to combine 2 slabs of granite to make 1 solid slab of granite that's 6cm or 2 and 1/2 inches and is a common thing in the countertop industry.
  • What is the best granite countertop finish?
    The best and most common countertop finish is a polished finished and is most commonly seen in indoor kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces and tiles. most customer enjoy it due to its sleek and mirror-like appearance and is easier to clean unlike honed granite which is typical used in outdoor grills.
  • How much does a granite countertop cost?
    Well it depends There are multiple factors that goes into a price of a kitchen countertop. Such factors include the color of choice, edge, finish, size and sink choice. Our prices on a countertop installation varies from job to job but usually a polished finish with a pencil edge is industry standard and comes default with no extra charge. And the factors that change the price the most is the size of the kitchen and what color you need.
  • How many types of granite countertops are there?
    Well there are more then 100's of different options of granite all over the world and is almost impossible to find a supplier or fabricator that has all options in stock ready to go. You should always ask the availability of a color because sometimes we don't have it in stock at the moment and have to order it from our suppliers.
  • Should granite countertops be sealed?
    YES. always make sure to seal your granite countertops as it keeps your brand new granite looking nicer for longer as well as preventing bacteria build up over long periods of time, make sure to clean your stone with soap and water for daily stains and before you seal and dry it off with paper towels before putting on sealer. After you put on sealer make sure to clean of the excesses sealer off the granite.
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